It must have been around 2007 that I was first introduced to the world I now know and have thrived in and that has become my passion…

I was in a completely different place back then, I was feeling sad, low in mood, I was tired all the time, I was doing the same thing, day in, day out, I couldn’t get off the treadmill and was thinking there must be more to life, I was lacking fulfilment & direction. Sound familiar?

I was a full-time working mother and wife; my plate was really full. I felt stuck and knew I shouldn’t be feeling this way but didn’t know what to do until a friend recommended her Health Kinesiologist to me. ‘You’ll love it’ she said, ‘she (the therapist) is brilliant’, ‘she will help you’. ‘Go! Go! Go!’

I knew nothing about Health Kinesiology, but I trusted my friend. At my first session, I was asked to lie on the couch and think various things, while different acupoints were being held. I was blown away, I could feel and sense my whole body just saying yes, I knew that this is what I need. I loved how it made me feel – alive again!

I wanted to know more, I wanted to learn, I wanted to share this feeling. I found out the cost & dates of the next training & I’ve never looked back. That same year I trained and qualified as a Health Kinesiologist. I ran this alongside my full-time job until 2011, when a huge bombshell hit me, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a big shock but I knew deep within that this was the kick up the backside I needed!

I’d fallen into the trap of guiding my clients with their health & wellbeing but hadn’t been listening to my own needs. It took me a number of years to recover and heal. I parked my business during this time, deciding to take the conventional & holistic routes to healing. This whole experience became a spiritual journey of self-discovery & healing for me.

During this period I discovered so much about myself, I found my own identity again. I developed an even deeper understanding of me and a deeper interest in energy. I realised that my energy hadn’t been flowing, and when I looked at life in a wider way I understood more about the journey I’d experienced.

In 2017 I started training as a House Whisperer. This enabled me to work on a person with both sets of tools helping them to regain their life & health balance as well as looking at the balance in terms of their property, in terms of energy for them as a whole. As I’ve grown & continued to learn and develop, I’ve become interested too in intuitive-based practices and communications.

It is said that we all have a journey and follow a path for a particular reason and I really do see and believe that my current path started in 2007 when I made the decision to do something about how I was feeling. This has led me to where I am now. Along the way I’ve discovered my purpose of helping others to heal. So now whilst working with people, animals and properties with the intuitive & sensory overview I now have, I’ve been able to enhance this ability to help & heal which has given me such fulfilment.

Incorporating intuitive & sensory communications into my work as a Kinesiologist & House Whisperer has allowed me to work with someone’s whole existence, in addition and most recently I’ve been able to develop a bespoke mapping system identifying and resolving the needs of an individual & their bespoke journey as a whole. A tool I know would have benefited me hugely on my journey, especially during the challenging times, but having my journey as I’ve had was important as it’s led me to it, for which I’m truly grateful.