Health Kinesiology Testimonials

“I can’t believe what a difference HK therapy has made to my outlook on life and everyday situations. I feel much more relaxed and able to cope. Margaret has a wonderful treatment room, her touch and tone of voice is soothing which makes my body ready and willing to communicate. Thank you, Margaret, for a job well done!”

KS – Oxfordshire

“I feel it (Health Kinesiology) restores balance between body and mind, and whether you actually believe it or not, it works! It’s as if your mind and body are conspiring to assist you in helping yourself.”  

JC – Oxfordshire

“Wasn’t sure what to expect, but felt absolutely fab at the end of the session. Have recommended it to friends and family and am looking forward to my future sessions.”

KH – Oxford

“I have been attending HK sessions with Margaret for nearly a year now. It has been a very hard time for me and I have found HK has helped me through this time. If you asked me how it works I would not be able to explain it. All I know is that you have to go with an open mind and be honest with yourself about what you want to achieve from your time. I would recommend HK to anybody, you do not have to have aches and pains to benefit from it and it is a wonderful way to spend an hour.”

DS – Oxfordshire

“Some like to see what other have to say, some do not, so for those that do, please keep reading, for those that do not, please stop here! ‘Margaret is a gifted practitioner. I found her work has had a profound and opening effect on my life’.

AM – Berkshire

“I am so impressed with how Margaret has helped me to assess issues in my life through Kinesiology, an amazing therapy.  I aim to help myself even further through Margaret. An amazing woman.”

LG – Nottingham

“Margaret and I connected on a spiritual level the moment we met many years ago. I always knew that she is a gifted individual, however it wasn’t until she found HK that her gifts came into their own and flourished. I came to HK to give up smoking which both Margaret and I knew would not be a quick journey for me. I dismissed the normal conventional routes because I knew that there was more underlying issues that were behind me smoking and these were rooted in my body’s memories. Conventional method would not address these and so I had to find some alternative method.  I cannot say that I fully understand HK and how it works only that my faith in the universe and trust in Margaret’s gifts have helped me to address many of the issues that my body has held on to for so long. The only way I can describe my sessions with Margaret is close to that peace and tranquillity that can been found through meditation which stays with you once you emerge from the session. There is more to us than the physical and HK addresses that for me.”

SL – Oxford

“As being somewhat of a sceptic about any alternative therapy I approached HK with some trepidation.  I am absolutely amazed at how subtle the healing process is. At a time in my life where I needed closure on some deep-rooted personal issues HK and Margaret have been the links to make it happen.  With Margaret’s approach and relaxed manner, it only took a couple of sessions for me to fully relax and enjoy the benefits that this therapy can give. Can’t wait for my next visit.”

SF – Oxfordshire

House Whispering Testimonials

“I wanted to explore energy work for my home as I was marketing my rental property for sale and as it hadn’t sold 18 months before I wanted to ensure that there was a good chance of a sale this time around. I knew that the energy needed to be shifted in relation to the property so it was really positive to be working with Margaret to re-energise the property. I had a really positive outcome and the property received an offer a couple of weeks after the work had been completed. This process allowed me to clear any negative energy in the property but also helped me in the process of letting go of a property that I had owned for over 20 years. I got the successful outcome of an offer on the property and I completed on the sale several months later. I feel lighter for clearing the energy at the property and also allowing myself to energetically release the property from my life. I would definitely recommend M H Life Balance, Margaret offers the utmost care and attention to her work. It is really useful to seek assistance for things that seem tricky or blocked. This property clearance saved me a lot of time, money and energy!”

JB – Devon

“I have been living in my home for nearly 9 years and I love it here. But, in more recent years I started working more from home so spend a lot of time here. I have a consulting room where I see my clients for energy healing and treatments. I am always respectful of the energies but there had also been a lot of negative energy in the property from neighbours where I live, which had a huge impact on me and feeling safe at home.  When I met Margaret and she told me about her work, I did not hesitate to ask her to clear the energies around my home. I had no reservation at all, it felt like the perfect time to be doing this work with Margaret. I was curious about what would come up. It’s been great. Margaret took the time to explain to me what would happen over the next 3 weeks. I also really appreciated Margaret periodically checking in with updates and to see how things were going over this time. I felt safe and comfortable that Margaret was working in my best interest and the interests of my home.  After sending the report Margaret took the time to explain the results to me which I found totally fascinating. Working with Margaret was great. She is honest, open and her enthusiasm is infectious. She works in a very gentle and sensitive way, which gives you the sense that you are being well taken care of. My home feels lighter and brighter now, I noticed this almost within a few days of Margaret starting. It’s quite subtle but it’s definitely there. I feel calmer in my home, with a sense of ease. Even my cat has noticed the shift and seems more settled.  I feel calmer in myself too. I would recommend Margaret to anyone!”

NH – London

“Our dog was extremely ill for a week which turned out to be the end of his life.  During the week it was all we could do to cope with looking after him and it was an extremely distressing and stressful period.  It astounded me how much those days and the decision to release him from suffering affected me.  The pain and anguish of it all lingered and despite some very helpful work on my own energy I was struggling to move past the grief.  This is when I asked Margaret to work on the energy in our house.  Her work and subsequent report was very thorough and among many things she found was that detrimental energy was affecting me at a level of 92% – astonishingly high. As a practitioner of natural health myself, I realise the significance of negative emotions on health and Margaret found and cleared human conflict emotions in some rooms of the house.  She found the spirit of a family pet and as our dog is the only pet we’ve had in this house, I’m thinking that he was stuck here.  I am grateful to Margaret for moving him on to where he should be and for helping me to move past the anguish. I would recommend Margaret’s services to anyone with a sense of negative energy in their environment; her lovely nature, care, diligence and natural abilities with energy are things which most people don’t have.”

SS – Chilterns

“I had no doubts using Margaret to energise and clear my home. As soon as we spoke I knew Margaret was the right person (you know when you know.) I was feeling exhausted and dealing with a very messy divorce and was on my knees with court dates and in a place of serious overwhelm. I have felt clearer, lighter and brighter since Margaret’s work with my home. Whilst I had asked you originally to clear/energise the new property in readiness for myself and my girls, to move into I did find that I suddenly had an overwhelming sense of responsibility to clear all that had gone on physically emotionally and energetically in the marital home that I was leaving, at least so the new occupants/buyer and his family would have a clear and fresh start and not be left living in the heaviness/sadness of us the previous occupants.  Nothing surprised me really, I knew what Margaret did was incredibly cleansing, I guess I was surprised at how good it felt to clear the past and to feel I had taken responsibility for the energy at the old house too. Much like People feel they have a social and planetary responsibility to recycle and be aware of their carbon footprint etc. It just felt right to ensure to clear and neutralise our energetic footprint. Often people move on and sometimes their problems, relationships or health challenges follows them. I just wanted to ensure I had become my best and taken responsibility for the crap that was left behind. The main benefit of having Margaret work on both properties is the massive peace of mind and just knowing that all is well and we can start living and enjoying the freedom of life again with much improved health.  I would recommend Margaret to friends, family and clients alike as I feel what Margaret does is as important in the process as estate agents and solicitors’ fees to facilitating a move. I certainly wouldn’t move house again without calling in her expertise to my future moves/purchases. I was astounded to how much Margaret had found, worked on and cleared. I look forward to working with Margaret again in the future.”

DW – Ipswich

“Margaret visited my home on 20th October 2018 and I didn’t know what to expect. I can only describe what I experienced as being enlightening, mind blowing, and finding peace. I didn’t realise that I was at a point in my life where I was constantly putting everyone first and not focussing on myself. My house now feels like my home and I love every moment and inch of it.  I actually look forward to coming home or just taking the time to relax in my bath surrounded by candles. The repositioning of items in my home has made such a difference by adding to the feel of each room. Small changes have made such a big difference.  I wanted to say a big thank you to Margaret as I can honestly say that I’ve got my mojo back and I feel that I am at the best point of my life and I know moving forward that there are more good things to come. Lots of love and blessings.”

CR – Hertfordshire

“I was delighted to work with Margaret to improve the energetic balance in my home as I had previously been so impressed with her work as a kinesiologist. To be able to work with someone experienced in both inner and outer energetic balance meant she had a unique set of skills. My house had been feeling heavy and stagnant – it was like a weight I couldn’t lift from my shoulders and I didn’t know why. Within days of Margaret doing her energetic work everything started to change. The whole energy of the house lightened. Situations and people around me also started to change in beneficial ways. I must admit I was surprised about how quickly I could see positive results and looking back perhaps I was a bit sceptical. Now I’m a believer. I have felt much more content and am enjoying basking in a lighter and more joyful energy. I would highly recommend Margaret – not only is she a very professional person but her work comes from the heart.”

EH – Oxfordshire

“When I approached Margaret to get some help with my house sale my property had been on the market for 18 months without an offer and not many viewings. In fact I hadn’t had any viewings at all for nearly 6 months. It was found that my house didn’t want to let me go and was stopping people from seeing the property properly even when they visited. There was also a Feng Shui issue that made people uneasy on entering the property. As well as dealing with these issues Margaret gave me advice on Feng Shui I could do for myself to make the property more inviting. I also carried out smudging every day for 3 weeks to make a more positive atmosphere. I started having viewings again almost immediately – from the third one I received my first offer, which I accepted!”

RJ – Beverley

“I had always been interested in seeing if my home was the cause of any of our problems and it made sense to let someone re-energise it whom I knew and trusted. This was quite important to me. I was feeling ‘chaotic’ and ‘out of sorts’ and finding it difficult to manage anything properly around the house. The whole family seemed to be at odds with each other too which didn’t seem right. I’m lot calmer and happier to be at home. The whole family seems calmer and for the first time in 10 years we have actually started to make plans to extend the house. The house now feels like a ‘home’. It is something ‘crossed off’ so I know now that if something wasn’t right – I couldn’t blame it on my house. The house seems easier to live in and just a calmer place to be. I would recommend you to anyone and I already have!”

KT – Essex