Health Kinesiology

Health Kinesiology (HK) (pronounced Kin-easy-ology), is a comprehensive holistic approach for balancing the body’s energy system, by tapping into the innate internal wisdom of the body, to support wellbeing. The energy system includes the same 14 major meridians that acupuncturists use.

We balance the energy system by touching acupoints and other energy reflexes and using a variety of other energy tools such as thought, light, sound (singing bowls), magnets, essences, essential oil, Bach Flower remedies, crystals, homeopathic, Energy Healing Rods, Dowsing and many more.

Margaret Hunt

What is Kinesiology?

HK is used in both personal and professional settings to address issues like allergies and detoxification, impediments to learning, creativity and performance, psychological and relationship troubles and electromagnetic distress, among others.

HK uses a manual muscle-testing to gather information directly from someone’s body/mind/energy. We feel energy, even though it’s invisible. When you walk into a room full of people, you can instantly feel the energy – positive, negative, angry, happy, fearful, loving, etc. This helps us pinpoint issues and choose an optimal, personalised approach for each individual. It also ensures that we always work to the persons own inner priorities, making the energy correction process as easy, efficient, and comfortable as possible.


What can you expect from the session?

You will find every session relaxing, pleasant and a comfortable experience in my treatment room. No sessions are the same. Two individuals may come to me with the same issue but the session would be different, because it is tailored to each individual, making each and every session a personal and unique experience.

In the session I will use muscle testing to get a ‘no’ or ‘yes’ response from your body, I am not doing muscle strength here, it is a light touch and verbal questioning to find out what imbalances your body is experiencing and what would be the most beneficial way to bring it back into balance.

With muscle testing I can determine what blockages are in the energy system. If there are any physical, psychological, spiritual or emotional disturbances in the energy flow, they can be readdressed during a HK session. HK restores even flow through the energy system, enabling the body to bring about Mind, Body and Spiritual Harmony. Using ancient Chinese acupuncture technique by applying light fingertip pressure on certain parts of the body, known as acupressure, this stimulates the body’s own recuperative powers.

Who is it for?

In a word anyone, ‘young’, or ‘old.’ Not many of us are living to our full potential. The body remembers every incident, every thought, and stores this information. The body is talking to us all the time, it tells us when we need a drink, when it is hungry, it is communicating with us all the time.

How long is the session?

Each session is different, but usually your first will be roughly 1¼ hours but on average subsequent sessions last for about 1 hour.

What to wear

Wear comfortable clothing, you will remain fully clothed for the whole of the session.

Distance Healing

Kinesiology can be done from a distance and it is very effective. Distance healing is a form of energy sent across that is received and has a healing impact on their body. With this type of work, you do not have to be physically present with the healer, to receive healing. It may be done over the phone, Skype, or Zoom, or at a specific time, set aside and agreed upon, whichever works for you.

Ready to get started?

“I can’t believe what a difference HK therapy has made to my outlook on life and everyday situations. I feel much more relaxed and able to cope. Margaret has a wonderful treatment room, her touch and tone of voice is soothing which makes my body ready and willing to communicate. Thank you, Margaret, for a job well done!’”

KS – Oxfordshire

“I have been attending HK sessions with Margaret for nearly a year now. It has been a very hard time for me and I have found HK has helped me through this time. If you asked me how it works I would not be able to explain it. All I know is that you have to go with an open mind and be honest with yourself about what you want to achieve from your time. I would recommend HK to anybody, you do not have to have aches and pains to benefit from it and it is a wonderful way to spend an hour.”

DS – Oxfordshire