House Whispering

Your home wants to support you in every area of your life. We all have a relationship with our home, and your home wants to support you the best it knows how.

If you are feeling uncomfortable in your home, buying a new home, or selling your property I can check to see if it needs space clearing. If your business is failing, book a consultation and it may help release blocked energy.

House Whispering
Margaret Hunt

Everything Around Us Is Energy

Our bodies, our home and everything that you touch and can’t see. So, it should not surprise you that your home holds onto everything that happens within its walls, the actions, words or deeds that it has witnessed and felt.

Through a House Whispering Consultation, you will experience what is actually going on. I will bring you to the heart of your home so you can connect with it and move forward in a positive way.

On this journey I will guide you to what your relationship was, what your home wants and what you want from your home, with surprising results. This will guide you to the heart of your home, so that you’re working in synch in a harmonious way.

You will learn that your home is reflecting who you are and I will reveal the patterns that support you, or not, in the quest to become one with the heart of your home.

What Happens During A Consultation?

Through the consultation we will discover what is going on and what is needed to bring you both back into balance and moving in the same direction, bringing about a profound change, in all areas of your life. A consultation can help your health, relationships and much, much more.

By using my intuition, metaphysical, esoteric, sound, sacred geometry and Feng Shui, your house’s old memories, bad feelings, lost souls, negativity and trauma held within will be dispersed.

• Do you feel at home in your home?
• Is your home supporting you?
• Do you feel that your home is trying to tell you something?
• Do you feel that something is just not right in your home and don’t know what to do?
• Are you struggling to sell your home?
• What is the history of your home?

Ready to get started?

“Margaret visited my home on 20th October 2018 and I didn’t know what to expect. I can only describe what I experienced as being enlightening, mind blowing, and finding peace. I didn’t realise that I was at a point in my life where I was constantly putting everyone first and not focussing on myself. My house now feels like my home and I love every moment and inch of it. I actually look forward to coming home or just taking the time to relax in my bath surrounded by candles. The repositioning of items in my home has made such a difference by adding to the feel of each room. Small changes have made such a big difference. I wanted to say a big thank you to Margaret as I can honestly say that I’ve got my mojo back and I feel that I am at the best point of my life and I know moving forward that there are more good things to come. Lots of love and blessings.”


“I was delighted to work with Margaret to improve the energetic balance in my home as I had previously been so impressed with her work as a kinesiologist. To be able to work with someone experienced in both inner and outer energetic balance meant she had a unique set of skills. My house had been feeling heavy and stagnant – it was like a weight I couldn’t lift from my shoulders and I didn’t know why. Within days of Margaret doing her energetic work everything started to change. The whole energy of the house lightened. Situations and people around me also started to change in beneficial ways. I must admit I was surprised about how quickly I could see positive results and looking back perhaps I was a bit sceptical. Now I’m a believer. I have felt much more content and am enjoying basking in a lighter and more joyful energy. I would highly recommend Margaret – not only is she a very professional person but her work comes from the heart.”