6 Tips on how to improve the energy in your Home or Office

These 3 simple tips will help to clear and lighten the energy in your home, office or garden. These simple steps are easy to incorporate into your daily lives, and only take a few minutes to do. Doing these energy tips is a great way to keep your space energy clear. It will help your emotionally and spiritually. 


1. Indoor plants

Science is now catching up with what gardeners have known for years, that plants help clean the atmosphere. Plants help to purify the air that we breath into pure, clean, life powering oxygen for us to breathe. Plants absorb energy from the space around them and ground it out, purifying it and release it back into the space for healing and balance. A plant in the home really does change the atmosphere and look in a room.  Plants not only add beauty to a room, but it also makes it friendly, inviting, has a spiritual effect on most people.

Take care of your plant, and it will take care of you, water it, feed it and talk to it saying thank you for all the hard work they are doing for you.

A few examples of great plants to have in your home…

Rubber plant

The rubber plant was bred for its toughness; it will survive in dim light and cool temperatures, making it an excellent house plant. This plant is easy to grow and to take care off.

Areca Palm

This is a graceful plant, and it is great for the indoors. It releases copious amounts of moisture into the air, and is beautiful to look at.

English Ivy

English Ivy is often used as ground cover, but you can grow it in a topiary form. Ideal in hanging baskets. They are easy to grow and adapt to a variety of home environments, but do not like high temperatures.

Peace Lilly

An outstanding foliage plant, that produces white spathes.

Lady Palm

Lady Palm is one of the easiest house plants to care for and is highly resistant to most plant insects. It grows slowly and is easy to maintain.

Boston Fern

Is an excellent plant, but requires a lot of attention. It has to have frequent misting and watering, or the leaves will quickly turn brown and begin to drop.

Snake Plant

It is easy to grow and tolerates a great deal of neglect. These plants work best at night at purifying the atmosphere, which make them a good plant for the bedroom.

Prayer plant

This plant has the habit of folding its leaves. If the prayer plant regularly opens its leaves during the day and closes them at night, you can be fairly confident that it is happy with it surroundings.

Spider Plant

An excellent indoor plant that purifies the air. Easy to maintain and an excellent choice to put in a hanging basket.

Aloe Vera

Aloe is a really good plant for a bedroom as it releases oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide at night.

2. Candles

Candles are a great way to bring in wonderful ambience to any room. Tea lights around the bath tub, in a bedroom, sconces on the wall, they change the atmosphere of any room and are very relaxing.

White candles – Clears negative energy, brings peace

Purple candles – Spiritual awareness, Wisdom, Tranquillity

Lavender Candles – Intuition, Peace, Healing

Blue and Deep Blue Candles – Meditation, Healing, Forgiveness, Happiness,

Green Candles – Abundance, Health

Rose and Pink Coloured Candles – Positive self-love, Friendship, Harmony, Joy

Yellow Candles – Mental clarity.

Orange Candles – Joy, Energy,

Red or Deep red Candles – Love, Relationships, Courage.

Black Candles – Protection, Absorption and destruction of negative energy and also repelling negative energy from others

Silver candle – Feminine energy, Remove negativity

Gold candle – Male energy, Fortune, Spiritual attainment, Protection

3. Salt Lamps

Himalayan Crystal Salt Rock formed millions of years ago in the foothill of Himalaya. Everyone is now starting to learn that Himalayan salt is good in our diets.  But they are great for the atmosphere as well as our diets.

Salt Lamps cleanse and deodorises the air. It is said that it reduces allergy and asthmas symptoms. Himalayan salt lamps work to neutralize electromagnetic radiation. Keep one next to the computer, television, and any other electrical devices which you use frequently to reduce the potential danger to you and your family.

Another side effect which results from over-exposure to positive ions in the air is that it robs you of quality sleep. This happens because those positively-charged particles can actually reduce blood and oxygen supply to the brain resulting in irregular sleep patterns. Himalayan pink salt lamps are natural negative ion generators, thus they can help to reverse this problem. Keep one or two around your bedroom to improve the air quality so you can get a better night’s sleep.

Remember, even if you’re like me and you can’t sleep unless the room is totally dark, you can always turn the lamp off at bedtime. Just leave it on for the rest of the day so it can do its work while you’re awake. People in humid climates should be aware that Salt lamps tend to weep when the salt becomes cool. You’ll definitely want to protect surfaces by placing a saucer underneath and be sure to follow the instructions for use and care which should be included with your lamp!

4. Smudge Sticks

What is smudge sticks? Mystics say the Native American practice of smudging, or purifying a room with the smoke of sacred herbs; can help clear negative energy from a space. And the apparent benefits are steeped in science—when burned, sage and other herbs release negative ions, which research has linked to a more positive mood. Pagans use smudge sticks regular, when the new moon is out and at the beginning of each season.

5. Declutter

Declutter is a great way of clearing the home of unwanted things that we do not use. But we are not aware that we are not using them because we don’t see it. But if you take a look around, you might be surprised at what you see.

Decluttering can seem quite daunting, these little tips might help you:-

Schedule a time when you want to start decluttering, and only do one area at a time, it can become quite overwhelming when you start. But once you do start, you will feel so much better for it. Living in a decluttered place makes you feel better, as well as living better. Start with a list for each room and do one room at a time. A few ideas below:-

Drawers, be strong to decide if you are really going to use the said item.

Teach your children to put things away.

Clear out your medicine cabinet, it is the one place we forget and some things might be out of date and need to be binned!

Clothes, if you have not worn for six months, take it to the charity shop or sell it and save the money you make and put it towards a holiday.

Set up a day and time to do regularly filing.

As you are walking through your home, pick up 5 things that you do not need, and put them in a box that you will take to the charity shop.

If the whole things sounds too overwhelming you can hire a professional declutter person who will come in and do it for you.

Once it has been done, you will be surprised at how light and clear you feel.

6. Epsom Salts

Epsom Salts are great way of getting magnesium into the body, it is also good at detoxifying the body. While in the bath with the Epsom Salts, take a few minutes to close your eyes and breathe deeply. Breathing exercises are a great way of keeping balanced. When stressed we forget to breath! Yoga is great at teaching you how to breathe.