You do not know what goes on behind closed doors…!

So many people move house every year and do not think about the energy they are leaving behind in their home or what will be greeting them in their new home. No one knows what they have left behind energetically. Is this the equivalent to getting into a bed in a hotel where the sheets have not been changed from the previous guests! Can you imagine that! So why are you moving into a house where you don’t know what has been left. It is about the energy that has been left behind. Why have they moved? What has taken place, you would not have a clue.

I want to share the below with you.

You never know what energies are being held on a property that you are moving into. No one knows what is being generated. The bricks and mortar of the house holds every memory. So when you move in, what energy is being transferred to the new owners, the energies that have not been cleared? It is important and something that should be considered when moving into a new home.

A friend of mine sold some land to a builder, who built a home. When it was built the builder moved in with his family. After a year of living there, they divorced. Another couple moved in with their child, they got divorced after a couple of years. The next couple moved in, only been there a year and they are now getting divorced.

I had another client who had their home on the market for a number of years. Not one person came to view it. She enlisted my help and while we were doing the consultation, her phone rang, she said let it go to the answer phone. A few hours later I received an email saying that the phone call was from an agent who said someone wants to come and view. They did, they liked it, made an offer. She also enlisted me to House Whisper her new home.

This is a good example of what happens when the energies have not been cleared and left behind by the previous owners, it is left there.

The home wants to support whomever is living there, they hold every word, every thought in its bricks and every deed, not that they want to, but they need help moving the negative away.

I had done a lot of work in my home, but felt that I was missing something. I just could not put my finger on it, and this went on for some time. So I enlisted the help of a House Whisperer and she said that there is nothing for me to do, that you have done the right thing but that your home wants you to work from home! Plain and simple. I had been saying for years that I want to work from home but never actually did it, till now. I sent the intention on my home that only those that love my family and I are welcome to come through the door, others are not welcome. My friends and family love the feel of my home and often comment on it to me.

I believe that your home wants to support you, wants to hug you, wants the best for you and will do what it can, but also needs help in doing so, that is where I come in as a House Whisperer. I have helped many many people with their home, be they want to sell, buy or just feel happy in their home.